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In the story starter collection, I invite you to be a co-creator in an artistic endeavor.

Here, rather than tell you a story with an image, I give you an image and invite you to tell the story. I've included a comments section on this page where you can share that story, if you would like, or you can simply compose a whisp of a story as you dwell for a moment on the image. Either way, together we will create something that neither of us could create alone.

There are two types of image you'll see in this collection: strange and abstract.

The first type of image--the strange--is an image that is recognizable, but taken out of context or somehow made strange. With these images, your job, as co-creator of the story, is to take off where I have left off. I have started the story for you. I have given you a setting or a character or both. Now I invite you to not only accept the proposition I give you, but to add to it. Imagine what happened before or after the exact moment captured in the image.

The second type of image--the abstract--relinquishes even more control to the viewer by offering shapes, colors, suggestions of movement and tone, and inviting you as the viewer to identify the character or event the image represents. Though I have an event, person, or feeling in mind as I create, photograph, and manipulate the image, I invite you to impart your own experiences and emotions onto the image.

Each of these abstract images is a question in visual form. The images ask "tell me about a time when you felt powerless and overwhelmed" or "tell me about a time there was an obstacle in your path." In these works I hope not to tell my story, but to elicit yours.

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Environmental Storytelling and Making Strange

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Story Starters: Text
Story Starters: Pro Gallery
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