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My artwork combines photography and digital art. With photography I am able to capture a moment in time--wordless, yet complete. With digital art I manipulate the natural image, using shapes and colors to convey emotion. By combining these two art forms I express not just what happened during a moment in time, but how the experiencer(s) felt when it happened.

In this way I use images to tell a story, and in some cases, I use meaningful and emotional abstraction to let viewers tell their own story.

To learn more about my art, click the orange button below. To view my City Stories galleries, click the white button below.

Rainy Day in Chinatown, NYC.jpg
Sugar Swirls.jpg
Siesta on the Camino de Santiago.jpg
Put a Bird on It.jpg
Come to Coney Island.jpg
Where's the Reef.jpg
Earth Day Secrets.jpg
Fifth Avenue Flowers.jpg
Sun in your Eyes.jpg
Sunrise on the east river.jpg
Lovers in the Reef.jpg
Songbird On Sixth Avenue.jpg
Don't Go Chasing.jpg
Moon Over Crops, Clouds, or Canyons.jpg
Reading Under Redbuds.jpg
Tulips Shout.jpg
Unreal Sunrise.jpg
Double Sunrise.jpg
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